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Dine in style with Shanghai Tang's novel take on classic Chinese chopsticks, crafted from premium materials such as ebony wood, enamel and natural gemstones in vibrant colours with meaningful symbols. More than just eating utensils, chopsticks are often considered a lucky wedding gift as they come in an inseparable pair and the name sounds like 'happiness' in Chinese.

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    About Shanghai Tang Chopsticks

    Shanghai Tang offers authentic Chinese chopsticks with a modern twist. A beautiful representation of both contemporary and traditional Chinese culture, Shanghai Tang's unique take on the classic, traditional Chinese chopsticks results in a contemporary luxury utensil that will fit the palate of those looking to buy quality chopsticks that are stylishly elevated.

    Having been used for over three millennia with its history dating back to 1,200 BC, Chinese chopsticks' significance go beyond a mere culinary utensil, but have become one of the most important Chinese cultural symbols. Historically more generally used in the kitchen, Chinese chopsticks were a favourite due to their ability to dip and be dipped into hot pots of water and oil. Their functionality allowed for an evolution over time, and chopsticks began to be used for more than just cooking, becoming a staple at the dinner table as well.

    The design of traditional Chinese chopsticks also carries a deeper philosophical meaning -- the round end which is used for holding food symbolises heaven, while the other end is square and represents earth. What is the greatest concern between heaven and earth? A sufficient supply of sustenance -- aptly represented by chopsticks.

    At Shanghai Tang, we present this important piece of Chinese culture, virtue and history with luxurious and exceptional materials, delivering luxury Chinese chopsticks that are both elegant and practical. Bearing emblems of positivity and joy to resilience and strength, these contemporary Chinese chopsticks bring the authentic value and essence of traditional Chinese chopsticks to the next level. Our selection of premium materials include ebony wood, enamel and natural gemstones, while the designs are inspired by meaningful Chinese symbols, motifs and icons such as the 'Shou', which means longevity; jade and infinity knots, both symbols of good luck. Dressed in Shanghai Tang's signature vibrant colours, these authentic yet playful Chinese chopsticks are sure to add a noteworthy touch to your dinner table. Each pair of our luxury Chinese chopsticks comes with a silver-tone stand.

    Besides setting the tone for your next dinner party, our quality chopsticks are also a thoughtful gifting option. More than mere dining utensils, Chinese chopsticks are often considered a lucky wedding gift as they come in a pair and its name sounds auspiciously like 'happiness' or 'bear children soon' in Chinese. For some families, a special set of good quality chopsticks will even be passed down through generations as a family heirloom. Whether you choose to gift the chopsticks or use them in your own home, Shanghai Tang's luxury chopsticks will be the perfect utensils, keepsake and symbol of time-honoured wisdom.

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