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A delightful meal is more than just the food itself. In Chinese dining culture, stellar cuisine is determined by three elements - 'colour, fragrance and taste' - where 'colour' refers to the food presentation. Besides the vibrance of the food, beautiful plating and thoughtfully selected dinnerware also play a crucial part. Shanghai Tang's exquisite bone china dinnerware will take your dining experience that extra mile from great to perfect.

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    About Shanghai Tang Tableware

    What's more satisfying than a scrumptious meal is to have it served on beautiful dinnerware. Crafted from fine bone china, Shanghai Tang's bone china dinnerware collection is a tribute to classic Chinese dinnerware with a modern, artistic twist. Boasting playfully vibrant prints that nod to Chinese culture and legends, our fine bone china plates and bowls are a feast for the eyes and will brighten up any dinner table.

    The bone china tableware range offers Chinese-inspired dish sets, plate and bowl sets with a Chinese spoon, salt and pepper shaker sets and more. For those with a taste for nature and floral themes, the Forbidden Garden tableware collection is an elegant bouquet of leafy bamboo prints and lattice patterns in vivid hues; The Mongolian Nomad fine bone chinaware collection salutes the Mongolian tribes' contribution to the legendary Silk Road. The rich combination of Chinese icons and symbols serve as a beautiful piece of history for your dining table. Most of Shanghai Tang's bone china dinnerware is finished with handpainted gold-tone accents that makes it instantly pop. It makes a truly special choice for those looking for the best bone china dinnerware in town and also a wonderful gift for housewarming and special occasions. Not only will you be the proud owner of a beautiful piece of traditional Chinese dinnerware, but you will own it for life. These stunning Chinese plates and bowls transcend time and trends while maintaining a contemporary freshness allowing them to fit in seamlessly with your own existing dinnerware.

    About Bone China

    Bone china is a type of porcelain mixed with a special ingredient -- cattle bone ash, which gives bone china its superior whiteness, translucency and strength, which makes it possible to achieve finer and more exquisite products. Bone china is regarded as a prized luxury product and one of the most expensive types of porcelain.

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